In a world constrained by physics, what we see can be very deceiving. When we take a sneak peek at the heaven above on a clear night, much of the stars we are seeing are no longer there; some of what we perceived are ghosts of dead stars. We see lights coming from stars far away from Earth; light can move fast, really fast, but not infinitely fast. It takes 10 years for the light of the stars from 10 light-years away to reach us, 1000 years for the light of the stars from 1000 light-years away to reach us…

In this article, you will learn how to create your own object detection model Mobiledet + SSDLite using Tensorflow’s Object Detection API and then deploy it on the EdgeTPU. Yes, I packed all the buzz words in that one sentence, but here is a bonus: we’ll do this on a Testla T4 16GB GPU provided by Google for free on a Colab notebook!! You ready?

Figure 1. Actual evaluation after only ~3000 steps.


  • Coral EdgeTPU is an ASIC chip designed by Google for accelerated ML tasks on edge devices. …

January 6, 2020

TL,DR; In this article you will learn how to create a budget AI Cloud that provides an Object Detection REST API with accelerated performance made possible by Google’s Coral EdgeTPU Technology. Scroll to the end of this article for a challenge!!

Ahhhh, the Cloud…

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When creating a back end server application, we often think in terms of performance. While performance can be achieved by highly optimized software, the bottleneck are often caused by limited hardware capabilities. Adding AI into the mix, and we’re talking extreme power hungry mega-tron GPU(s) on top of your multi-extreme-core processors.

Now let…

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